It is always a painful experience for parents when their daughter leaves home for either education or for work to live in a strange city. They are worried and upset and haunted by endless concerns. What will happen to her? Who will take care of her? Where she will go for help in case of any exigency? How she will get the kind of homely food which she has been relishing and craving for? What if she falls sick? There are such numerous questions for which they find it difficult to get satisfactory answers.

Their concerns are very genuine. The reasons behind their anxiety are not unfounded. They keep reading in news papers and keep watching on TV. So they are still more worried. The hostels are there anywhere and everywhere but can they trust any of them? Can they develop the confidence and prevail upon their fear?

They can believe in ‘Aangan Girls Hostel’ which gives parents answers to all their concerns. Here they will find exactly the same environment which they gave to their daughter for so many years. They will find not only good food, impregnable security but best of amenities which will make their daughter even forget about her home.

There is a trained team of professionals. They are quite hospitable and caring. They know how to give comfort and right environment as well as how to meet the needs of your daughter. They will be ready 24/7 to extend any kind of support which your daughter may need. We are very particular and selective in giving accommodation to our guests. We ensure only sincere and career conscious women are given accommodation in the hostel so that your daughter can get likeminded roommates and the best of friends. Thus after admitting their daughter in ‘Aangan Girls Hostel’ parents can have full peace of mind and relaxing sleep without any anxiety whatsoever.